The feeling usually comes after about the fiftieth email.

It’s about then, after we acknowledge the group project email with one of our own sent to the manager and him alone, only to receive about twenty reply-alls, we think, “God, I miss being a kid and not having to deal with this.”

But what do we miss, specifically about childhood? A recent study shows that, really, we just miss the sense of fun and playfulness as we’ve gotten older.

“It’s a shame to see how adults, as they get older, lose their sense of fun and connections to seasonal rituals which we should
be able to do at any age,” a spokesman for Cadbury, which commissioned the study, said. “Now, more than ever, the little meaningful moments can really bring us happiness – playing outdoor games with others, reviving fun seasonal rituals such as hiding Easter Eggs for loved ones, dressing up in fancy dress and seeing every day as an adventure.”

The top ten things we miss about being kids includes:

  1. School holidays
  2. Not having any worries in life
  3. Not having to pay bills
  4. Spending all day playing
  5. Not having to work
  6. No responsibilities
  7. Being excited to wake up on your birthday
  8. Playing in the park on swings/slides
  9. Having someone cook all your meals
  10. Seeing friends every day at school

We’ll add “Saturday morning cartoons” to that list as well. Garfield and Friends and Muppet Babies, for the win!