With the pandemic, we are seeing more and more virtual events happening. That extends even into the dating world.

A new survey shows that two-thirds of respondents have done and prefer virtual dating over the traditional awkwardness of a face-to-face first date.

Reasons given for preferring the pixelized date include saving time (they average about 25 minutes less per date than traditional dating) and cost (a savings of $23 per date).

That savings goes up substantially when you take going to movies out of the equation. And that’s just popcorn.

Virtual dating has it’s disadvantages, of course. Experts say we miss out on the chance to size someone up in person and we miss out on the subtle body language hints that tell us if the other person is into us.

Of course, more than a few former dates have told me I miss those in person so…

It seems virtual dating may stick around after the pandemic, also, as one in four people say they plan to use it to weed out “bad prospects.” Which makes it sound like an Austen novel.