Let’s say you’re about to head out for “a few things.” Before you leave the house, you have one, maybe two cups of that sweet, sweet java.

Next thing you know, you spent $579 at IKEA for a Ektorp. You can’t even pronounce the word, but it looked cute on the showroom floor and now you realize you bought a sofa that you don’t have the space, nor the need for.

Apparently, you can blame that coffee you had before leaving the house for your bad decision, according to researchers at the University of South Florida.

“Caffeine, as a powerful stimulant, releases dopamine in the brain, which excites the mind and body,” lead study author Dipayan Biswas, the Frank Harvey Endowed Professor of Marketing at USF, said in a release. “This leads to a higher energetic state, which in turn, enhances impulsivity and decreases self-control. As a result, caffeine intake leads to shopping impulsivity in terms of higher number of items purchased and greater spending.”

The study involved 300 people being offered a free drink while they shopped. Coffee, both regular and decaf, and water were the choices. Those who picked regular coffee, about half of the study group, had spent 50 percent more, and bought 30 percent more items.

“While moderate amounts of caffeine intake can have positive health benefits, there can be unintended consequences of being caffeinated while shopping,” Biswas said. “That is, consumers trying to control impulsive spending should avoid consuming caffeinated beverages before shopping.”

Now, excuse us while we trying to figure out we’re going to fit our new Stubbarps on our Mastholmen set.