I don’t know if that last part is true or not.

A man in Japan named Yusaku Maezawa purchased the rights to SpaceX’s first passenger moon trip back in 2018. The flight is now scheduled for 2023 and the multi-billionaire is looking for for eight people to join him, presumably for the option to get in the Spaceship pool lane.

“It will take three days to get to the moon, loop behind it, and three days to get back,” Maezawa sadi. “I will pay for the entire journey . . . I hope that together we can make it a fun trip.”

He’s looking for two characteristics: people who want to “push the envelope” to make a better society and those that are willing to support others.

Hold up…he’s totally leaving the planet to set up a new civilization on the Moon, isn’t he? If he takes top scientists and artists, we’ll know for sure.

If you want to try to get in on the space trip, you can apply at DearMoon.earth. The deadline to sign up is coming up quick, though. It’s Sunday, March 14.