If you’re one of the millions

Like, five people got that reference.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans at home, surfing the lockdown ocean and watching TV, be aware that you can also make some bank.

CableTV.com is looking to hire Americans to watch every episode of any show of their choosing, regardless of how long it will take. And they’re going to pay $2,000.

Doesn’t seem to matter what you choose, they will pay the same. So, for instance, you can pick something that only had a small run, like Firefly (it still hurts, man), or something like The Simpsons,which is still going strong after nearly 700 episodes.

All CableTV.com is asking is that you be 18 and an active social media user. They’re asking that if you are chosen, you watch the show and post about it on Instagram and Twitter. The deadline to apply is April 20.

Oh, and they’re only picking FIVE people.