This may be the least-surprising survey result since the salsa question.

Zippia looked at the most “unique” job-related searches on Google to find what we, as Americans, are asking about our jobs. Turns out that we hate them.

For instance, Arizona’s top search is “What should I do with my life?” Kind of feel like Google isn’t the right thing to ask that question, really. New York won’t stop googling “Hate My Boss”, while Pennsylvania is looking for ways to sleep on the job and not get caught.

Paint eyeballs on the outside of your eyelids and learn to sleep sitting up. Difficulty rating goes up if you’re a snorer, however.

For Kansas, the search is “What do you do for fun?”


Missouri is just trying to get jobs with the St. Louis Cardinals, while Arkansas wants those sweet, sweet Walmart jobs. Louisiana googles “cajun jobs”.

All right, I’ll bite. What, exactly is a “cajun job?”

Florida’s top search is “Jobs that don’t drug test.” In fairness, that’s probably a lot of states’ number two search.

Courtesy of Zippia