We’ve all got those friends that we’re not 100 percent sure are really our friends. Those people that you’re pretty sure talk crap about you behind your back, never really seem interested in what you have to say, that kind of thing.

Buzzfeed put together a list of ‘red flags’ from a Reddit thread so you can tell when a person is being a bad, if not toxic, friend.

Rather than run down all of the posts, we’ve accumulated some of the more common ones into a handy guide.

  1. They treat you differently when you’re in a group.
  2. You’re constantly helping them with no offer to return the favor.
  3. They always try to one-up you.
  4. They only support and never challenge you.
  5. You’re the back-up friend. The one they invite because no one else was available. And then they ditch you when someone else becomes available.
  6. You only do stuff they want to do.
  7. You feel nervous when you say the wrong thing around them.
  8. They gossip a lot about other people. Probably means they’re talking crap about you behind your back, also.