How’s that for a click bait title?

Selective Insurance announced the results of a recent study that showed 97 percent of people who decorate for Christmas have at least one fire hazard.

“I’m not trying to be Scrooge, but our research shows that most U.S. residents need to better understand and practice smart fire safety precautions to help ensure a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season,” said Allen Anderson, Senior Vice President, Personal Lines at Selective Insurance.

Leave it to an insurance company to be a wet blanket, man.

The hazards sited include:

  • real Christmas trees
  • real candles
  • tinsel
  • chained extension cords
  • indoor lights
  • leaving lights on when you’re not home
  • stringing too many strands of lights together

Tinsel is a menace and should be banned, regardless of flammability. My grandparents are still finding strings of it from Christmas 1988.

When it comes to connect strands of lights together, the U.S. Fire Administration says three should be the max. Anything after that is a major fire hazard.

Oh, and this isn’t a fire hazard, but I’m throwing it out there anyway: that gingerbread house kit you made ISN’T edible. Trust me on that one.