Virtual weddings are most likely going to be the norm for a while due to the pandemic. Which means we have to learn a whole new set of the Dos and Don’ts for how to behave while attending a Zoom wedding.

Thankfully, the folks over at Huff Post have put together a list from experts.

  1. Not muting yourself.  If the host forgets to mute everyone, do it yourself to keep out background noise.  You can unmute once you’re invited to join in.
  2. Not dressing up.  You don’t have to look as good as if you were actually there, but at least make an effort.  Put on a nice outfit and comb your hair.  And if there’s a wedding theme, dress for it.
  3. Multitasking during the ceremony.  It may be tempting to do laundry or answer emails, but don’t.  It’s still a huge life moment for them, even though it’s virtual.  So give them your full attention, just like you would normally.
  4. Arriving late.  Get to the waiting room at least five minutes early so you don’t interrupt the service.  It also gives you time to deal with any tech issues.
  5. Inviting people without asking.  Don’t share the link with friends who weren’t invited.  If you think someone got left out by mistake, ask the bride and groom first.
  6. Sharing on social without asking.  Let them post the pictures they want to post first.  Also, don’t record the ceremony or livestream it without their permission.

I’m assuming that the second one only applies to what the camera can see. That way, you can do what I call a ‘clothes mullet.’

It’s business up top, siesta on the bottom!