Here are the Top 20 Signs that you are, indeed, getting old:  (And we are experiencing MOST of them! Eeek!!!)

1. You groan when you bend down

2. Using the phrase “In my day”

3. You don’t recognize the songs in the top 10 charts

4. You hate how noisy bars are

5. You’re constantly forgetting people’s names

6. You choose clothes and shoes based on comfort instead of style

7. You fall asleep in front of the TV

8. You need an afternoon nap

9. You struggle to use new technology

10. You have no idea what younger people are talking about

11. You avoid lifting heavy things because of your back

12. You think everything on TV is trashy

13. You’re always misplacing your keys

14. You drive very slowly

15. You get up to pee in the middle of the night

16. You fall asleep after one glass of wine

17. You never go anywhere without your coat

18. You have a sudden new interest in gardening

19. You’re spending more money on home furniture than going out

20. You’re starting to really love puzzles and board games