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Pizza, burgers top list of food we’d eat daily

Happy National Eat What You Want Day! These National ____ Days are so weird, but at least the food ones I can get behind. According to National Today, the first ever diet book was written in 1558 and was titled The Art of Living Long by Luigi Cornaro. Today, however, take that book and throw [...]

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The secret to avoid freezer burn on ice cream

Freezers are stocked with ice cream right now, which may be the one positive side effect of the Coronatine (tm), but that could lead to the dreaded F-word. Freezer burn. *Shudder* However, Ben & Jerry have a suggestion to beat the Freezer Burn Plague upon your ice cream house. The science says that, when you [...]

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Science comes through, reveals perfect way to eat ice cream

This is a study we can get fully behind! According to an expert in "sensory science", we've been eating ice cream all wrong. Which probably explains why I constantly get brain freeze.   Actual photo of us with brain freeze. Courtesy of Dr. Sarah Kemp has developed a scientific formula for how [...]

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