Freezers are stocked with ice cream right now, which may be the one positive side effect of the Coronatine ™, but that could lead to the dreaded F-word.

Freezer burn.


However, Ben & Jerry have a suggestion to beat the Freezer Burn Plague upon your ice cream house.

The science says that, when you refreeze something, the warm air that managed to sneak in while your container was open sucks out some of the moisture. Which allows the ice crystals to form, thus freezer burn.

Additionally, when the ice cream on top melts, it trickles down to the bottom, and then melts that, also.

Ben & Jerry suggests, however, that you flip the container over and store it upside down.

“This causes the melted ice cream to drip onto the lid where it has less chance of ruining the still-cold portion,” the ice cream company writes on their website.

Other tips include keeping your freezer as cold as possible, storing the container in the back, and just eating it all in one go.

Which, yeah. Thought that was just common knowledge.