People are setting ‘2021 micro-goals’ instead of making New Year’s resolutions

Under normal circumstances, New Year's resolutions most likely don't make it to St. Patrick's Day, must less the whole year. After the dumpster fire that was 2020 and the way 2021 has started? Forget about it. Because of the uncertainty, however, people are making what are called "micro-goals" this year. A new survey from FreshlyFit [...]

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Guy has two guesses or he loses $234 million in Bitcoin

This is a great argument against overly complicated passwords that IT guys force us to use. Meet Stefan Thomas of San Francisco. Stefan has a digital wallet with 7,002 Bitcoin in it that's worth around $234 million in real world money. Unfortunately, Stefan can't remember his password to get into the encrypted hard drive to [...]

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Most overused words in 2020 are exactly what you think they would be

As we welcome in 2021 and say goodbye to the Year That Must Not Be Named, we can also take the opportunity to say goodbye to a number of phrases and and words from the last 12 months, as well. Lake Superior State University has put out their annual list of words and phrases to banish. [...]

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Social media can predict your future success

I'm apparently way under-using social media. A study by Columbia and Princeton professors says the average person has 610 people in their "acquaintance network." Also, apparently 90 percent of the population have networks between 250 and 1,700 individuals. Why does this matter? Because your network is critical to your life because the map "tells what [...]

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Potatoes, turkey best amongst Christmas dinner foods

It is Christmas week and, in a normal year, we would be planning the big, elaborate meal for a small army of family members that you only vaguely recognize since you only see them at Christmas time. Or maybe that's just us. Regardless, that is going to be different this year, but the Christmas staples [...]

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Pepsi toes lawsuit line with new soda

You just know the Coke executives were immediately on the phone with legal as soon as this tweet was sent out. Pepsi announced Thursday a new wintry soda flavor called "Cocoa Cola." It's Pepsi, but with added chocolate and marshmallow flavoring. Diabetes included in the DLC. It's not the worst thing Pepsi has ever put [...]

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Things worth smiling over in 2020

Let's be honest, 2020 has been a flaming pile of...well. You know. BUT, there have been some good things here and there worth finding some joy over. Thankfully, because everyone's memory has been crap this year, Rolling Stone put together a list of "33 Moments That Made Us Smile In 2020." Here's a few highlights. [...]

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Ugly Christmas sweaters are thirst traps…apparently

The ugly Christmas sweater. Detestable. Overplayed. A turn-on. Wait...what?!?! Apparently, 96% of single people say the ugly Christmas sweater does it for them. commissioned the survey to determine what it's users really think about the appalling apparel. It allegedly shows that the person wearing said ridiculous sweater has a good sense of humor and [...]

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Taylor Swift announces sequel album to ‘Folklore’

Taylor Swift is a busy woman. She's currently re-recording all of her old music, and has already released a new version of "Love Story" in a hilarious video from Ryan Reynolds (see below). And, in honor of her 31st birthday Sunday (Dec. 13), she announced a new album. Oh, WHICH DROPS TOMORROW. "Ever since [...]

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Favorite winter drinks surprisingly don’t include ‘straight alcohol’

The internet has spoken and hot chocolate and eggnog top the list of favorite winter drinks. The website YouGov put up a poll, because that's it's entire purpose as a site, asking for favorite wintry beverages. The results are actually pretty alcohol-filled, though in 2020, I expected more "straight whiskey" or "Tequila. Lots of tequila." [...]

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