Miniskirt named most iconic fashion statement of all time. OF ALL TIME.

That must have fashion item as we enter the hot summer months has been recognized as the most iconic fashion statement of all time. According to an internet survey. Of British people. But still! The miniskirt was listed first from this survey, which was commissioned by Samsung of all places. Other items in the top [...]

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Science comes through, reveals perfect way to eat ice cream

This is a study we can get fully behind! According to an expert in "sensory science", we've been eating ice cream all wrong. Which probably explains why I constantly get brain freeze.   Actual photo of us with brain freeze. Courtesy of Dr. Sarah Kemp has developed a scientific formula for how [...]

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Someone pranked the Mississippi governor, and it was outstanding

Someone pulled a Bart Simpson on Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves over the weekend. Gov. Reeves was reciting names of graduating seniors on Saturday as a way of honoring them and rattled off "Harry Azcrac" without blinking. He was made aware later, however, and took the prank in stride.

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Most Americans can’t remember when they last put on real pants

This has been joked about a lot since the lockdowns began in March, but this is empirical proof: Americans are no longer wearing pants. By empirical, we mean an internet survey. Which is the same thing anymore. According to this survey, two-thirds of Americans working from home at the moment really don't remember when they [...]

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The Few, The Proud, The Ant Colony

This is both fantastic and a sure sign that Coronatine is getting to us. A Facebook group where people pretend to be Ants has blown up to 1.8 million followers. They act like ants, post pictures about ants, and serve a queen. For instance, the queen posted a command to dig, so in the comments, [...]

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“It’s Monday! It’s Monday?”: Average person gets confused about what day it is five times a week

I think we all have hit this point at least once over the last couple of months. Heck, I've set my Google Home to remind me what day it is when I wake up. According to People, a recent survey shows that the average American gets confused as to what day it is at [...]

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Z Etiquette: Virtual wedding don’ts

Virtual weddings are most likely going to be the norm for a while due to the pandemic. Which means we have to learn a whole new set of the Dos and Don'ts for how to behave while attending a Zoom wedding. Thankfully, the folks over at Huff Post have put together a list from experts. [...]

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Heinz releases the WORST. PUZZLE. EVER.

This absolutely has to be filed under 'cruel and unusual punishment.' Heinz has released a new puzzle. It's 570 pieces and all red. ALL. RED. Why? What did we do to you, Heinz? Is it because we made fun of your purple ketchup that one time. Seriously. Gross. If you want to torture yourself, [...]

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‘National Eat What You Want Day’ is gloriously real

File this under "We had no idea this was a thing." Today (May 11) marks National Eat What You Want Day. This most hallowed day in our nation's history was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of as a way to break free of those pesky diets and health food trends that tend to rule [...]

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What are you binging during Coronatine?

Since we began social distancing back in March... HOLY %*+! WE'VE BEEN DOING THIS NEARLY TWO MONTHS?!?!?! *ahem* Sorry. Let's reset. Since we began social distancing back in March, a majority of people have taken the opportunity to stream...well, all the shows. For some, that means picking up a show that they had never seen [...]

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