Two healthcare workers hold socially distant wedding

How about a little love to offset the world right now? A nurse and a first responder in Pennsylvania got married on Friday, both proving that the COVID-19 pandemic can't keep love down and that TINDER ACTUALLY IS USEFUL FOR MORE THAN JUST HOOKUPS! Sorry, that last part took us off-guard. Nurse Lauren Rovinsky and [...]

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Elvis Duran: Alicia Keys Reveals Her Song ‘Empire State Of Mind’ Almost Didn’t Happen

Singer, songwriter, mother and now author, Alicia Keys, does it all. Her book More Myself: A Journey, is out now and so far the reaction has been "incredible" according to Keys. "It's so crazy.. Amazing to share this story, well all of our story." The book shares stories from Keys life as [...]

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Texas movie theater brings back drive-in

In the age of social distancing, movie theaters were one of the first casualties, along with sports. But, especially now, people are craving entertainment, so what does one do? Go back in time! No one called you chicken, Marty. EVO Entertainment took it upon themselves to salvage something of their business [...]

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Elvis Duran: Scientists Knew Viruses As Dangerous As Coronavirus Were Coming Wildlife veterinarian, Dr. Marc Valitutto, works with animals to learn about how they react to diseases and how they can potentially be transmitted to humans. While on-air with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Valitutto goes in to detail explaining what he does, what he knew about the virus before it came, and what the future [...]

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Elvis Duran: Danielle’s family surprises her with birthday ‘night out’

Danielle's birthday was Sunday and, due to the ongoing pandemic, she couldn't go out and celebrate. Fortunately, her husband and sons came to the rescue. They set up a fake restaurant for her in their basement called "Resterante El Pigeon." While entering the 'restaraunt' she was greeted by her youngest song Preston dressed as the [...]

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Which states have been hitting the quarantinis hard?

You're stuck at home, maybe doing a work-from-the-kitchen, maybe just binge watching "Tiger King." It's natural to raid the liquor cabinet a little, right? Some states have apparently been hitting it harder than others. A cooking and BBQ website called Seriously Smoked, did a study of more than 200,000 geo-tagged tweets since the start of March and [...]

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Elvis Duran: Surgeon General on what to do with Amazon packages, how to grocery shop

Dr. Jerome Adams, is an anesthesiologist and a vice admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps who currently serves as the 20th Surgeon General of the United States. Recently he has been in the news for begging Kylie Jenner to post on social media and urge her followers to stay [...]

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Quarantined man shoots his shot with drone

Welcome to dating in a coronavirus world. A photographer in Brooklyn named Jeremy Cohen noticed a girl dancing on a rooftop across the way and, as he was being responsible and social distancing, used his drone to fly his number to her in what will surely be recycled into a million meet-cute moments in future [...]

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