Celebrities who dated their fans

Finding out Patrick Dempsey married his hairdresser made me set my dating standards sky-high. We've all found ourselves fantasizing about what it would be like for our favorite celebrities to fall in love with us at least once in our lifetime.  Some of us even take it as far as writing Wattpad "Imagine" stories to [...]

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Most important thing to have in common in a relationship…yes, that’s on there…so is that

What do you look for in a romantic partner? Do you want someone that has different viewpoints to yours, that will challenge you? Perhaps you're looking for someone that is nearly a twin, someone that shares interests, humor, and a life outlook? A survey of 2,000 people asked them to name the most important things [...]

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Playing hard to get really works, according to science

Apparently, playing hard to get really works. Science says so! The practice, where one purposefully plays it cold or even mean toward someone they're, in fact, actually interested in, supposedly plays on the "thrill of uncertainty" of going after someone we're not sure is interested back. Or something. “Playing hard to get makes it seem [...]

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