Daylight Saving Time comes to a close this weekend. If our politicians really cared about what we, The People, want, then it would be the last time we have to mess with our clocks.

Once again Sunday morning, everyone but Arizona and Hawaii will be forced to remember how to change the time on their car dash.

Seriously, car makers, we know it’s coming. Why not make it obvious how to change the clock? None of this “Push the on and volume buttons at the same time, spin the tuner counter clockwise to get the hours, clockwise to get the minute, hold your tongue at exactly a forty-five degree angle, spit with the wind, say ‘Beetlejuice’ three times, and press menu again.”

Your experience may vary. Also, one of those may summon a playful spirit who only wants to help. Like the Cat in the Hat. Just less Michael Myers and more Michael Keaton.

The Department of Transportation tries to claim that it saves money, energy, blah blah blah. Health experts know what’s up, though, and say that we don’t get enough sleep when the clocks go back and forth.

And that’s bad.

“Individuals who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to take risks because they perceive less consequence,” Judith Owens, co-director of the pediatric sleep program at Boston’s Children’s Hospital and professor at Harvard Medical School, told¬†USA Today’s¬†Adrianna Rodriguez. “For example, a child in elementary school darts out into the road because they are more impulsive and less vigilant.”

In fairness, a lack of sleep doesn’t really seem to matter there. Kids will dart out into traffic even if they’ve had 20 hours. That’s why child leashes were invented in the 1700s. True story.

The USA Today article has more justifications why DST has no place in the year of our lord 2021. And write your Congressperson about abolishing this pointless practice.