It’s the constant struggle: finding ways to make cooking simpler.

Thankfully, some Reddit users on the sub-Reddit r/foodhacks have dropped some ideas that are, in all honesty, pretty brilliant.

  1. Keep avocados fresh by storing them in the fridge with an onion.
  2. Use a waffle iron for grilled cheese sandwiches.
  3. Use a koozie when eating a pint of ice cream. Which MIND. BLOWN.
  4. Steam vegetables while cooking pasts by putting a baking rack down on top of the pot you’re making the pasta in. Drop the veggies on the rack, put a lid over them and VIOLA.
  5. Use a muffin tin for taco toppings. Just put the lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, ect. in each muffin slot.
  6. Use an air fryer to cook a frozen pizza slice. Don’t want the whole DiGiorno? Slice it up and pop it into the air fryer a slice at a time.
  7. Use an old ketchup bottle as a way to squeeze out pancake batter for perfectly shaped pancakes.

There’s more in the sub-Reddit. Check them out and use at home!