Have you ever dumped someone based on their zodiac sign? Intern Kaitlyn spoke about how she dumped someone because of their zodiac sign. She said:

“Recently I was talking to this guy—we’ll call him Kyle—and it was going well. We only knew each other for a little while, but he wasn’t being weird, or annoying, so I took that as a good sign. But I made one fatal mistake of not asking when his birthday was, or what his zodiac sign is. Yes, I am one of those people that genuinely cares about someone’s zodiac sign. Why would I waste my time with someone if I hate their zodiac sign? I just shouldn’t. So when I learned that he was a Virgo, a sign that I refuse to date, I stopped talking to him. His number was deleted. The conversation ended. It’s over. I have too many Virgos in my life, and I have had a few negative experiences with them in the past. I just don’t like them. There are 11 other signs in the universe and Kyle had to be a Virgo? No thanks. Honestly, though, I feel like I’m doing the right thing here and protecting myself.”

The show got into a discussion about this, and Kaitlyn said that because there were so many other astrological signs, it would be pointless to date a virgo when she could date one of the other options.

Nate had a lot of feelings about this. He recalled a date he had 10 years ago when the girl broke up with him because he was a Capricorn, leaving him devastated.

Skeery also questioned Kaitlyn and asked her if she knew that she was cutting out a whole group of people from her life that could actually be amazing. Producer Sam then called Skeery out, because just a few weeks ago Skeery said he refused to date Scorpios.

Kaitlyn refused to change her mind, and she is set on never dating a Virgo. Is there a zodiac sign you absolutely would not date? Comment and let us know!