This seems just a touch excessive.

The San Antonio Zoo is hosting their first-ever “Cry Me A Cockroach” event on Valentine’s Day this year. A number of zoos are doing something similar, where you can name a cockroach after an ex-lover who has spurned you and then watch as it’s fed to an animal of some variety. This is done at San Antonio for $5.

We go a little overboard, however, in the upgrade package. In that, for $25, you can name a rat after your ex and watch as it’s fed to a snake. Let me repeat: a LIVE RAT is named after your ex, and then FED TO A SNAKE. No matter how much you were hurt, that’s a little disturbing. And, yes, we’ve already bought five rats.

“Cry Me A Cockroach” will be live streamed for those that can’t be in San Antonio for the event.