Bear with me, I need something non-coronavirus related.

Yes, today we celebrate the ravioli. That magical pasta that can be stuffed with meat, cheese, spinach, and…um…other meats.

National Today asked a series of questions, and the results of the survey are as follows:

  1. 87% of Americans say they like ravioli, and 8% even say it’s their FAVORITE FOOD.
  2. The most popular filling for ravioli is, obviously, cheese.  It beat out sausage, chicken, lobster, and spinach.
  3. 12% of Americans say ravioli is one of the FANCIEST types of pastas . . . and 6% have served it to impress someone.
  4. And finally, people weighed in on the debate of whether Pop Tarts are ravioli.  82% say no . . . but 18% say yes.

Pop Tarts as…y’know what?

So, eat up on your Chef Boyardee today! That is, if you can find some on the shelves.