We’ve all got a go-to song or playlist that we put on whenever we’re a little down in the dumps.

Apparently, we go to the music twice a week on average to cheer ourselves up.

A recent poll showed that 1 in 4 people say that music has been even more important during the pandemic. This next stat is a little self-serving, we admit, but 1 in 5 have listened to the radio more than ever.

“The research proves what an impact music has on moods and how music has helped keep us connected to people during the pandemic,” James Wheatcroft of Ibis Hotels, who commissioned the study, said. “Two thirds admitted to music bringing them to tears and 16 per cent listen to songs to remind them of people who have passed away showing how music is powerful, it unites people, it keeps people connected to places and memories and it has been more important than ever in the last 18 months.”

More numbers:

  1. 54% have a go-to song to cheer us up that we listen to over and over.
  2. 37% create playlists for different moods.
  3. Two-thirds admit to crying because of a song
  4. 1 in 10 say the pandemic helped them expand their taste in music and put on stuff they normally wouldn’t.
  5. 30% are looking forward to live music again.