Okay, kids, pop quiz. Someone jilts you. Do you:

  1. Dump them and move on?
  2. Have a revenge one night stand?
  3. Set fire to their car and get caught up in the blowback?

Most people will pick 1, maybe 2. Kelly Hayes, 34, of Madison, WI, allegedly picked 3 and went viral with it.

The video shows a woman setting an SUV on fire, first by dumping a gallon of gasoline in the backseat, then by lighting said gasoline. The resulting fireball blasts her back into a neighboring car. The woman then crawls to safety before hopping into her own vehicle and fleeing.

A witness managed to get the license plate and cops arrested Hayes last week on charges of suspected arson and criminal damage to property. Police said Hayes had a past relationship with a man who drives the car.

Oh, the SUV was a total loss, for the record.

I mean, no kidding. Fire bad. Fire burn. Fire melt.

Here’s the video.