Let’s be real, when you make burritos at home, most of the time they don’t taste or look quite like they do at a restaurant. Mostly, ours end up being an open-faced burrito.

Because we’re terrible at the wrapping.

Anyway, here’s a video to explain how to get those restaurant quality burritos.

To boil it down

  • Get bigger tortillas. The ones at stores aren’t as big as the restaurant ones, and are way thicker. Look for the biggest, thinnest flour tortillas you can.
  • Warm up the tortilla before you wrap. Doesn’t matter if it’s in the microwave or in a pan. Just don’t over do it.
  • Learn how to wrap it right. Like with everything right now, there are a million YouTube videos to watch.
  • Sear the seam to seal it shut. And sear the other side too, just to make both sides a little crispy.
  • And wrap it in aluminum before you eat it. Apparently leaving it wrapped in foil for a few minutes steams the tortilla, so it’s both crunchy and chewy.