Pizza, burgers top list of food we’d eat daily

Happy National Eat What You Want Day! These National ____ Days are so weird, but at least the food ones I can get behind. According to National Today, the first ever diet book was written in 1558 and was titled The Art of Living Long by Luigi Cornaro. Today, however, take that book and throw [...]

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Pizza Champion of U.S. not New York, Chicago

This is a bit upsetting, really. Food & Wine magazine decided to rank the states based on their pizza, releasing the top 10 only. No, Kansas isn't on here. WE INVENTED PIZZA HUT, FOOD & WINE, THAT SHOULD LEAVE US PERPETUALLY IN THE TOP 10!!! *Ahem* The number one state, according to whomever decides this stuff, is [...]

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A lot of states like cheese pizza…like a lot

We've been known to down a slice of pizza or...a large on occasion (EAT LOCAL PIZZA!), so this hits us in the right spot. A survey of Americans by the survey website Zippia in honor of National Pizza Month shows that cheese pizza is the most popular style of pizza among the states. A [...]

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