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Trouble waking up? Rock out first thing!

Like most everyone, you probably wake up feeling a little groggy in the morning (or late afternoon if you work third shift). Unless you're one of those "Morning People." Who are clearly evil. Apparently, you don't have to suffer when the alarm goes off. According to SCIENCE!, the best way to wake up alert and [...]

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Taylor Swift announces sequel album to ‘Folklore’

Taylor Swift is a busy woman. She's currently re-recording all of her old music, and has already released a new version of "Love Story" in a hilarious video from Ryan Reynolds (see below). And, in honor of her 31st birthday Sunday (Dec. 13), she announced a new album. Oh, WHICH DROPS TOMORROW. "Ever since [...]

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Taylor Swift announces ‘surprise’ studio album TONIGHT

One benefit of the Coronatine (TM pending) is that our favorite artists have had ample time to work on and record new music. For instance, Taylor Swift, who announced Thursday morning on Twitter that she would be dropping her eighth studio album, entitled "folklore", at midnight (11 p.m. CST). "Most of the things I had [...]

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