Like most everyone, you probably wake up feeling a little groggy in the morning (or late afternoon if you work third shift). Unless you’re one of those “Morning People.” Who are clearly evil.

Apparently, you don’t have to suffer when the alarm goes off. According to SCIENCE!, the best way to wake up alert and ready to go in the mornings is to jam out first thing.

The study out of Australia looked at “sleep inertia,” that feeling of grogginess and lack of alertness from not being ready to wake up yet. They say that “melodic alarm sounds resulted in participants having faster and more accurate responses, compared with a control group who woke up using classic alarm sounds without melody.”

So, Nickelback.

It was like playing T-ball. It was right there. I couldn’t not swing at it.

The team from RMIT University does add in their findings that it’s not just us Earthlings that suffer from “sleep inertia.”

“The morning started disastrously. I slept through two alarms, one set for 0600 and another a half-hour later to remind me to take some CEO (Crew Earth Observation) pictures. My body apparently went on strike for better working conditions,” a NASA astronaut aboard the International Space Station says.

The study says the song should be upbeat. So if you want to start the morning off right, go with Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” and avoid Billie Eilish.