You’re looking for love on Bumble, swiping merrily away, and come across a profile that immediately gets your attention.

This person is a 14 on a scale of 10.


We all have those swiping red-flags that are an instant left-swipe. It could be their attitude in their profile, it could be kids. His pics are nothing but shirtless bathroom mirror selfies.

The website looked for the top dating profile deal breakers for men and women.

Worst Things To See in a Guy’s Profile

  1. He seems aggressive or violent
  2. Racist content in profile
  3. Crude sexual content in profile
  4. Wants an open relationship
  5. Comes across as really negative

Worst Things to See in a Woman’s Profile

  1. Her bio includes a link to her OnlyFans
  2. Venmo link in profile
  3. Wants an open relationship
  4. Kids
  5. Wants a ‘throuple.’ (Ed Note: For the uninitiated, that’s three people in a relationship together.)

The link above includes a full scientific breakdown of how these were reached, plus a number of other deal breakers. Of note: both sides find a lack of a biography a red-flag. Just saying. It doesn’t take that long and is a sign you aren’t a bot.