It’s been well-documented at this point that Gen Z and younger Millennials  hate phone calls.

Okay, wait. Let’s be honest, here. We’re all friends.

Everyone but your Grandma hates phone calls. We see the screen on our phones light up and it can be anyone, we immediately tense up because GOD, I have to actually talk on this thing.

Anyway, Gen Z hates phone calls. They have, however, discovered the voice memo function on most phones and send those in texts. iPhones and WhatsApp both have the function built in, and you can also download apps to do it, as well.

According to YouGov, 62 percent of Americans have sent a voice message, with about 30 percent doing it at least weekly. The pandemic is apparently the driving force in the popularity of voice texting (Note: I just made that term up. Probably should copyright it.). It caused a need for connection while stuck at home, but also allowed for the ability to answer when one felt like it.

NPR really breaks down why the phone call is such a drain, emotionally.