In the pantheon of pick-up lines, “Hey baby, what’s your sign?” will never not be eye-rollingly bad.

That said, more than a few people really believe in astrology and the zodiac signs, meaning Gemini, Aries, Leo, Virgo and what not. As we are in the season of love, or Mercury in retrograde, a recent survey from jewelry company Diamondère has revealed the least dateable zodiac signs. Surprise, surprise, but Geminis were the worst. The Brittas of the zodiac signs.

Meanwhile, if you want to date someone, apparently go for the Pisces.

Here’s all 12 signs, worst to best.

  1. Gemini (42%)
  2. Cancer (37%)
  3. Taurus (36%)
  4. Aries (34%)
  5. Leo (31%)
  6. Virgo (28%)
  7. Scorpio (24%)
  8. Libra (22%)
  9. Sagittarius (17%)
  10. Capricorn (16%)
  11. Aquarius (10%)
  12. Pisces (7%)