Elvis Duran brought in his lasagna today and let me tell you… it was delicious! However, one member of the show refuses to eat it. That person? Brody.

“I put a little goat cheese in there,” Elvis reluctantly reveals to the show after telling Scotty B and Brody off air both having a negative reaction to it. “Some people don’t like goat cheese, because it’s a little sour,” explains Elvis. “Don’t put stuff in my stuff,” proclaims Brody. Well then the discussion continued and we had to ask Danielle if she found out their was mayo in the lasagna what would she do? “It’s a mental thing. I know it’s a mental thing.”

Despite Brody’s complaints, the morning show claims you really couldn’t taste the goat cheese. In fact, here is the aftermath of Elvis’ lasagna from today…. Clearly it was delicious right?!

And be sure to watch the full debate above!