Life coach, YouTube personality, and writer, Matthew Hussey joined Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to talk about the last time he did something for the first time and his retreat with Mike Posner into the ice.

“When we went into the frozen lake, we weren’t thinking about anything else… it was a concentrated meditation,” Hussey describes the retreat he took with Posner to Elvis Duran. In the ice Hussey describes that “there’s a certain amount of surrender,” sitting through the cold. “I’m going to learn from the next 10 minutes how to be miserable,” he recalls.

What did he learn from the experience? “On a fundamental level it shook me up…. It taught me what I was capable of.” He goes on to explain, “We held our breath for 3 minutes! I would never have believed that was possible.”

Hussey truly believes that everyone should do some kind of retreat, put themselves out of their comfort zone. On our show we always think about the last time we did something for the “first time.” If you have trouble answering that, it’s probably time to fix it.

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