The following is a public service announcement from Goodwill.


This is an actual thing that is happening. Donations to Goodwill and for-profit thrift stores has been up since the beginning of the pandemic as people had more time to go through their closet. While it’s awesome that you can take someone’s grandpa’s style (No, for real, ask your grandpa if I can have his hand-me-downs), the downside is that people are also donating whatever they don’t want.

That kitchen table doesn’t have a leg? DONATE!

Leaking batteries? DONATE!

Moldy couches? DONATE!

A USED spaghetti sauce jar? DONATE!

Actually, depending on the size, I could repurpose that as a vase…

Yes, it is a hassle do dispose of this stuff properly, but it also costs money. A Wisconsin merchandising director with Goodwill says that some items are hazardous and have to be disposed of properly by a waste removal company.

So, before you take that box of Hawaiian shirts that are more hole than shirt in to donate, ask yourself, “Would I let my grandma wear this?”

If the answer is “no,” then maybe just toss it.