It’s National Radio Day!

Just…give us this. We don’t have much.

Today we celebrate one of the once-most incredible technologies on Earth. Prior to Gugliemo Marconi in the 1890s, we relied on messenger pigeons and…I don’t know. Cups tied together with string?

Regardless, Marconi, along with other inventors like Heinrich Rudolph Hertz and James Clerk Maxwell, gave us a way to send sound through the airwaves. Which begat ship-to-shore communications, which begat music on home radios, which begat Limewire, which begat so many viruses on my laptop in college.

Anyway, some Radio Stats!

  1. More than two-thirds of people listen to the radio daily!
  2. Just about half will sing along with the radio. Some even will do it well!
  3. Around 15% of listeners are loyal to a certain station. They set it on their car stereo and then keep it there no matter what.
  4. And one out of 10 people even have a radio commercial. Must…not…sing…Pizza…Shuttle…Jingle…in…CALL 7-7-6-5-5-7-7 CALL US NOW PIZZA SHUTTLE!!! Ahem.

These days, there are so many ways to listen to your favorite station. Aside from the car radio, nearly all stations are streaming, and most are available on Alexa or through your Google Home. Including Z96.3!