If you’ve hit the Big 3-0, it’s time to take a look at your interior decorating and start “adulting up” the apartment.

An interior designer was asked what shouldn’t be in a home any longer after you turn 30 and he came up with a top 10.

  1. Inflatable furniture. “Made from plastic and full of hot air, inflatable seating is the Katie Price of furniture and you need to part ways with it ASAP.”
  2. Stuffed animals on your bed. “Despite him being half-naked, there’s nothing sexy about Winnie the Pooh, nor is there a rational explanation for having him on your bed past the age of 18 (and that’s being generous).”
  3.  Plastic cups, plates or cutlery. “The only plastic thing that should be touching your lips after 30 is a Maccas straw after a big night out.” (We should point out that the interior decorator in question is Australian and, as such, we have no idea what a ‘Maccas’ is.)
  4. Old trophies. “Nobody needs to know that you took out the Miss Senior Grand Champion Physical Culture Award at age 10.”
  5. A super-old mattress. “Your mattress should be treated like Joan Rivers treated her face: Replace it every 10 years.”
  6. Dreamcatchers. “If you’ve had dreamcatchers above your bed since you were a kid and now you’re over 30, you’ve caught all the dreams you’re going to catch.”
  7. Paper floor lamps. “Like bad hangovers and itches down there, the paper floor lamp is a rite of passage when living in a share house through your twenties.”
  8. Anything galatic. “Anything remotely related to the solar system or astrology is be left on morning TV with Mystic Meg.”
  9. Cork boards. “After 30, cork is best left off boards and in champagne bottles. That’s not to say you can’t have a board up at home, just evolve and install something covered in a fabric like felt.”
  10. Shot glasses as decor. “Shot glasses and booze sat out on display, like Martha on ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ begs the question, why are they still here? By all means, keep barware on hand, just enclose it in a cabinet where it belongs.”