I think we all have hit this point at least once over the last couple of months. Heck, I’ve set my Google Home to remind me what day it is when I wake up.

According to People, a recent survey shows that the average American gets confused as to what day it is at least five times a week!

The study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of RXBAR, shows that 80% say the days are starting to blur together because of all the time they’ve spent indoors due to COVID-19. Even more, 59% didn’t know what day it was as they were taking the survey.

Motivation is taking a hit, also, as 65% said they are struggling, including three-quarters of respondents that said they had given up on real clothes in favor of sweats or ‘lounge pants.’

While this may seem like a detractor, I’ve given into the ‘lounge pant’ and you CAN TAKE THEM  FROM ME OVER MY COLD, DEAD BODY! VIVA LA LOUNGE PANT!


Hey, look! Corgis on a treadmill!