If someone had “the founder of Jelly Belly turning into Willy Wonka” on their 2020 Bingo card, please claim your No-Prize with the front desk.

David Klien, the man behind Jelly Belly, as well as Tricky Treasures, is retiring and is giving away one of the candy factories via a scavenger hunt for special necklaces.

I’m guessing doing golden tickets hidden in bags of Jelly Bellys was too close to copyright infringement for the lawyers.

Klein, who claims this was his dream when he got into the candy game in 1976, has been hiding these necklaces in all fifty states. The locations were selected randomly, but do have interesting stories behind them. If you find the necklace, you score $5,000, plus you are then entered to win the candy factory, where you have a 1-in-50 shot at it.

I assume the other competitors have a series of horrifying, but morality teaching, moments happen to them. Or you have to watch the Johnny Depp version of Wonka.

Now, there is a catch: you have to buy a pass to hunt. These “golden tickets” are $50 dollars and are limited to the first 1,000 people to get one in each state.

To do the math: that’s 1,000 per state, at $50…minus the $5,000 payout per state…$45,000 profit per state…times…

So, Klein is making $2.25 million off this.

Maybe he’s not going full Wonka, after all.

You can try to score a hunting ticket here.