Yeah, you read the headline right.

Wiring plugs.

The list comes from a poll of adults listing off what “traditional skills and hobbies” aren’t being used as much. Wiring plugs came in at No. 13. Were all of the adults polled electricians? Because I know myself well enough to know that I should be nowhere near anything having to do with electrical stuff.

The research was done by Care UK, which is a residential care provider.

“Over time, many of us have become reliant on technology,” Suzanne Mumford, dementia expert with Care UK, said. “After all, why pick the hard way when there’s an easier option to do things?”

There’s 50 items on the list, which you can find here. We’ll give you the top 15 for giggles.

Top 15 Lost Skills and Hobbies

  1. Writing letters
  2. Map reading
  3. Knowing proper grammer
  4. Mental maths
  5. Remembering phone numbers (ED: Except for Pizza Shuttle. That is burned into my brain. “Call 7-7-6-55-77 Call us now Pizza Shuttle!” You heard that in the jingle, didn’t you?)
  6. Using a compass
  7. Handwriting
  8. Handwashing clothes
  9. Making a fire from scratch
  10. Stamp collecting
  11. Sewing/making clothes yourself
  12. Spelling
  13. Wiring a plug yourself
  14. Calligraphy
  15. Preserving food (pickling, ect.)

In fairness to No. 4, “new math” is so complicated, there’s no way to do it in your head. And I have watched enough Bear Grylls that I’m pretty sure I could make a fire from scratch. Also survive being trapped under ice by swimming naked. Which is one of the tamest stunts he pulled.