This is totally the way to handle a property dispute.

A man in Dover-Foxcrotft, Maine, had been in a fight over a boundary line between his property and a neighboring one for several years. Particularly over a garage that sat on 0.23 acres of Gabriel Brawn’s property.

The Brawn family allegedly tried several ways to settle the dispute, including just buying the property, before Gabriel went full Clark Griswold on his front yard tree. Just on the garage.

In that he carved it in half with a chainsaw.

At the time, no one apparently was renting the house, so there’s that.

The police department’s response was to essentially shrug and say, “Eh. No one lost a limb.”

“We were aware of the situation and believe it’s been resolved at this point,” Dover-Foxcroft police Chief Ryan Reardon said to the Bangor Daily News.