That must have fashion item as we enter the hot summer months has been recognized as the most iconic fashion statement of all time.

According to an internet survey.

Of British people.

But still! The miniskirt was listed first from this survey, which was commissioned by Samsung of all places. Other items in the top five were the little black dress, hot pants, the denim jacket, and platform shoes.

“Our study just goes to show that there are many memorable trends from over the years, and as a result people are hanging on to items they perceive to be classics, while also investing in vintage finds,” Dan Harvie, vice president of home appliances at Samsung, said. “”This is great for sustainable fashion but often these clothes need to be cared for properly to protect them for the future.”

The 30 top fashion pieces are as follows:

1. Mini skirt
2. Little black dress
3. Hot pants
4. Denim jacket
5. Platform shoes
6. Flared trousers
7. Leather biker jacket
8. Shoulder pads
9. Knee high boots
10. Skinny jeans
11. Shell suit
12. Boob tubes
13. Dungarees
14. Tie Dye t-shirt
15. Denim mini skirt
16. Flapper dress
17. Cowboy boots
18. Maxi dress
19. Crop top
20. Tracksuits
21. Bootcut jeans
22. High-waisted jeans
23. Ponchos
24. Knee high socks
25. Halter neck top
26. Combat trousers
27. Midi skirt
28. Band t-shirts
29. Tracksuit bottoms
30. Frayed jeans