Parents of students at a public school in New York City forced the principal to reverse course after she announced that she was ending school a week early.

Stacy Goldstein, the head of something called School of the Future in NYC, which sounds vaguely cultish, sent out an email to parents last week letting them know the school wouldn’t have in-person or remote learning for this week. Which is the last before summer vacation starts. Kids still had to sign in electronically, for attendance requirements, but otherwise, SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER!!!

Parents were less than thrilled.

“You should never end school early,” one mom told the NY Post. “But if there was ever a year for more instruction rather than less, this was it. There was a lot of frustration over this. They’re having kids sign in for classes that aren’t happening to cover themselves.”

Okay, we get the argument that a few days wasn’t enough time to plan for suddenly having kids home for the summer. Totally makes sense if you weren’t planning on childcare for this week.

The argument of “more instruction instead of less” tells me that some parents don’t really remember the last week of school. There is no real instruction going on. Those kids are already on summer vacation, their bodies just happen to still be in class.

Still, the parent complaints drew the attention of the Department of Education, who shut down the early dismissal.

Goldstein’s second email called the whole thing a “miscommunication.”