Should have seen this coming.

The two biggest drink trends of the past few years are merging into one uber-drink trend: pumpkin spice and hard seltzers.

A brand called VIVE is putting out the drink in the next month in Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee, but will look to expand nationwide if the demand is there.

The demand will be there. Oh, yes, the demand will be there.

“There are few other products where a flavor profile and a customer base align so directly, that we wanted to be sure that we nailed the flavor,” Jake Rouse, Co-Founder and CEO of Braxton Brewing Company, said in a press release. “VIVE Pumpkin Spice is likely going to be laughed at initially, but when you try it, you’ll quickly understand why we’re thrilled to launch!”

The 10-oz. cans will have an ABV of five percent, much like White Claw. Six packs will run at a suggested retail price of $9.99.