It’s that time of the year when we start getting the “most popular dot dot dot of the year” lists. This one is easily the cutest. released it’s annual rundown of the most popular baby names of 2020. This is based on data for more than 520,000 parents. Not a lot of changes from past years.

Girls Top 10

  1. Sophia
  2. Olivia
  3. Riley
  4. Emma
  5. Ava
  6. Isabella
  7. Aria
  8. Aaliyah
  9. Amelia
  10. Mia

Boys Top 10

  1. Liam
  2. Noah
  3. Jackson
  4. Aiden
  5. Elijah
  6. Grayson
  7. Lucas
  8. Oliver
  9. Caden
  10. Mateo

In case you were wondering, and obviously someone was because they calculated this stat, “Karen” was down 13% from last year.