A website dedicated to cats has put together a list of the richest pets in the world.

And it’s slightly depressing that these animals are worth more than I’ll ever be.

Taylor Swift’s cat Olivia Benson (yes, named after the Law & Order: SVU character if you didn’t already know) is the third richest, worth $97 million. Olivia has been in several Taylor commercials and music videos, so it makes a little sense.

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Gunther VI (Net Worth: $500 million): Owned by the Gunther Corporation. Yes, you read that right. Gunther I inherited $80 million in 1992 and the corporation has turned that into an empire. A very good boy, indeed.
  2. Nala Cat (Net Worth: $100 million): An Instagram influencer with 4.4 million followers, plus Nala Cat owns a premium pet food brand called Love, Nala.
  3. Olivia Benson
  4. Sadie, Sunny, Laruen, Layla, Luke (Net Worth Upon Inheritance: $30 million): These are Oprah Winfrey’s four dogs. They each have a trust fund and will collect the $30 million when Oprah passes.
  5. Jiffpom (Net Worth: $25 million): Another Instagram influencer, Jiffpom has 9.5 million followers. And yeah, okay, he’s adorable. How do his owners get him to smile in every pic? I can’t even get mine to look at the camera.