The ugly Christmas sweater. Detestable. Overplayed. A turn-on.


Apparently, 96% of single people say the ugly Christmas sweater does it for them. commissioned the survey to determine what it’s users really think about the appalling apparel. It allegedly shows that the person wearing said ridiculous sweater has a good sense of humor and they’re open to meeting people.

“We’re finding that singles appreciate humor now more than ever,” Maria Sullivan, Vice President and Dating Expert of, said. “And although the holidays may look different this year, singles have spoken and ugly sweaters are here to stay.”

Other statistics in the study: 42% of those who typically do not make the first move say they would is a potential partner is wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. A majority (78%) say showing up but not participating in an ugly holiday sweater-themed party, even if it’s just online, shows that person is close-minded.