I’m having flashbacks to dresses and “Laurel.”

There is a grand debate going on online over a clip that TikTok user Keegan Stiles posted on his account. In the clip, which can also be seen below, you hear a group of people chanting…something. It’s a little garbled, and they’re…British? Maybe? Regardless, it’s hard to exactly make out what is being said.

People have tried tackling the chant and have come up with some interesting guesses.

  • Bart Simpson Bouncing
  • Rotating Pirate Ship
  • This isn’t my receipt
  • Lobsters in Motion (Ed Note: Also a great name for an indie rock band.)
  • Lactates in pharmacy
  • That isn’t Mercy

We hear “That is embarrassing,” though occasionally the “Bart Simpson Bouncing” does come through. Have no idea how people get the pirate ship one.