Thinking about getting married, especially if it’s the first time for you, can seem a bit overwhelming.

You’re considering merging your life with someone else’s. What if you’re not that compatible? Will your families be able to co-exist? What are their finances? What if they hated the Saved By The Bell reboot?

Thankfully, the fine folks at LifeHacker put together a list of questions to ask your partner before you stand up before the priest. Or Elvis impersonator.

  1. How should we handle money? Joint accounts? Who’s putting what bills in their name? How much debt to you have? Do you have a plan to get out of debt that doesn’t involve an MLM?
  2. How should we divide the chores? Contrary to what this guy thinks, keeping up with the house should be a 50/50 thing. After all, you both live there. And, seriously, read that AITA. That Grandmother is definitely not the a****le.
  3. How are we going to handle disagreements? You’ll fight. That’s a given. No marriage is perfect. Experts recommend staging fights so you know what to expect when a real one breaks out.
  4. Are you open to couples therapy if we need it? If there’s an issue, an impartial third-party can help.
  5. Where will we spend the holidays? This is a big one. Best case scenario, you have two families to keep happy between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Of course, that doesn’t take into account either set or, God help you, both sets of parents going through the Big D (and I don’t mean Dallas). Then you have potentially FOUR families at minimum to try to keep happy at Christmas. Which takes Calc 2 to figure out how to manage your time.