If the Pandemic has shown us anything over the last 18 or so months, it’s that a tiny piece of material across your face can incite violent reactions.

If it’s shown us a second thing, it’s that we don’t necessarily work a full eight hours during the workday.

Zippia asked people just how much time they actually spend working and it turns out we spend only about four hours and 12 minutes actively engaging in our job.

That honestly tracks. Let’s be honest, you’re reading this on a website you visited to avoid doing work.

The biggest distractions from those TPS reports are surfing the internet, social media, texting, bathroom breaks and just socializing with coworkers.

That last one has been both easier and harder in the Zoom era. Meetings can get off the rails so fast.

Zippia also asked why the respondents weren’t busier. Answers ranged from lulls in tasks, waiting on coworkers to finish up their end of a project, they’re simply not motivated, and the environment is not ideal.

Well, no, but with some work, we can reduce greenhouse grasses and…you’re not talking about that environment. Right.

Moving on.

However you are avoiding work, always remember to have an emergency window ready to pull up in case your boss can break away from TikTok long enough to check to see if you’re not on it.